Here’s Part 3 in our series of mini-blogs offering app advice for mobile marketers. This one about push notifications follows Part 1: App Discoverability and Part 2: Apps’ UX, UI and Value


We’re always on the lookout for what new and exciting things apps in the market are doing. Recently, we saw a very unique approach to mobile engagement from a politics app. Rather than send generic push notifications through their own app, users could opt in to an EU Referendum tracker that resided in – wait for it – Apple Wallet. Users were notified on live polling and results data, and breaking news alerts, and they were able to see further insights through graphs within Wallet.

The experiment came from a desire to test whether users were willing to receive a higher number of pushes if they’ve specifically opted in to a particular topic. While they haven’t shared any results for this, it’s great to see companies getting creative and exploring mobile technologies in a unique way.


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