In the first part of our look at the big trends in the mobile gaming industry, we take a deeper look at things likely to affect mobile game developers. The second post, will be looking at how changes in the mobile app marketing industry can help you succeed.

Native and Video leading the way

Many of the hot trends for 2015 will be built upon the back of successful new formats that emerged properly in 2014. Eschewing the web background of the early mobile advertising formats, they have the opportunity to deliver real value.

Native advertising and the natural experience it provides for developer, advertiser and user is one of those opportunities. Trading banners for carefully integrated in game or in app experiences, Native formats have helped the likes of messaging service Quack! improve ad performance fourfold, suggesting it has real value.

Video has also proven to be successful. Following the high profile acquisition of video ad AdColony and LiveRail by Opera and Facebook respectively last year, dynamic video adverts have gone from niche to big business. With autoplaying ads in the Facebook newsfeed and companies like TapJoy perfecting its video efforts since 2011, it looks like it is a place to really boost your advertising performance.

Organic Marketing

Beyond buying users, the mobile market in 2015 is ready for those who have a handle on the areas of marketing where you’re not afraid to roll your sleeves up a bit.

Those looking to add some sensibly simple marketing efforts to their mobile strategy can still do so this year. The changes to iOS 8 and, in particular, the App Store landing page means that developers who can make the most of App Store Optimisation (ASO) can improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns across the board (particularly when Apple introduces their landing page conversion options).

And if that wasn’t enough, those looking to tap into communities can take advantage of all sorts of routes. The rise of video streaming services like Twitch, the social gaming community found on GamesGrabr and the continuing success of the clan model seen Game of War show that you can build organic interest the old fashioned way.

The return of branding and PR.

And beyond that, those looking to turn their mobile game into an established player in the industry should be really encouraged. Branding and licensing is back with a bang in mobile, with the likes of Next Games in Finland demonstrating their potential with The Walking Dead and Rovio holding onto their mobile business due to the ubiquity of the Angry Birds brand.

So for those of you looking to build a dynasty, it is looking increasingly positive. From TV adverts featuring the wizard from Clash of Clans to King creating a pop up event in the centre of London, it’s possible to go about creating a more traditional buzz around your game rather than relying just on the games media.

So whether you work on these things in house or hire a company like Dimoso to help you out, using the double whammy of smart branding and zippy PR to make a buzz looks like it’ll continue to make a splash in the mobile gaming world.

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