The breadth of the mobile opportunity is massive, its growing and it never ceases to surprise me, even after five years in the market world of mobile.
When we first started advising our clients on how to use mobile it centred primarily around banners text links and Bluetooth. There was no such thing as an application, the mobile tablet and Kindle hadn’t been heard of, augmented reality sounded like a star trek gizmo and everyone was shying away from SMS because of the TV voting scandals.

Well, it’s all changed and the amount of interest in the mobile opportunity is now making us busier than we have ever been. I have always been cynical towards all the noise about this year or that year being the year of mobile. We’ll I’m now sticking my neck out and saying that I think, think mind, that it will definitely be a big year next year for the mobile business from a marketing Point of view.

It’s exciting being involved in such an incredible medium and I for one am looking forward to a little rest over the next couple of weeks before the 2011 floodgates open.

Happy Christmas and see you in 2011…