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We hear a lot of talk about mobile as the ‘second screen’ in relation to entertainment these days. But does the term accurately describe what’s going on?
Certainly, study after study shows watching TV while simultaneously fiddling with phones and tablets is almost an automatic behaviour for most smartphone owners.  However, research from Weve, the joint venture setup by a number of UK mobile operators, says that 28% of UK adults regard their mobile as their “most important screen” – with that figure rising to 46% among 18-34-year-olds.
Perhaps the term ‘second screen’ doesn’t quite do justice to the importance of our phones in our lives these days.
The study, which surveyed 2,000 UK adults, also found that nearly half of this younger age group (45%) said that their mobile is their primary means of interacting with online content. And across the age groups, 39% said their mobile was the screen they looked at most often.
This has profound implications for TV, entertainment, and the way marketing strategy is constructed in the mobile age. The television may be ‘on’, but to suggest other media revolves around it is misleading – devices are being used simultaneously and the relationships between them are no longer clear cut.
As a result, advertisers are looking for new models, and our forthcoming Breakfast Club event, set for November 28th aims to shed some light on how innovative companies are seeking to engage with mobile consumers.
One such company is Shazam, whose work with X Factor in the US is set to ramp up in the coming weeks. From November 6th, Shazam users will be able to vote for their favourite act during the TV broadcast via the app as soon as voting opens. The app will also allow fans an additional fix through song downloads and extra content.
In the US, Shazam has rolled out another innovative ad model. The app now lets consumers Shazam their TV at any time to receive companion content such as soundtrack information for the whole show, gossip content about the cast, and social sharing.
The service allows advertisers to take advantage of this extra level of consumer engagement, too, serving relevant ads with the extra content.
This is just one example of how marketers can take advantage of the new relationship between mobile and TV, and Shazam’s Ian Dendle, Commercial Director, will be part of a panel of experts at our November 28th Breakfast Club event.
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