I don’t do ‘em, well not those ones where you set yourself up for a fall, such as no drinking in January or not eating crisps. What I do do is set emotional goals and states of minds to try and achieve (sorry for the hippy attitude but hear me out here)… What I want to try and do this year and the next and the next ad infinitum is to celebrate the good times at work and not to pass them by with a cursory glance and a smile of relief. So, all the business wins, be they large or small will be celebrated. All the good conferences we do, all the presentations that get positive responses, all the birthdays, the “found a new flat”, all the just spotted a celebrity on the tube, all the “I’ve just found the ideal birthday present for wife/husband” in fact anything that makes one of us smile at work should be encouraged to make us all smile with a yodel celebration. Even if it’s just a cake and a cup of tea.
I’ll let you know how we get on.