When asked about the CPC rates of a banner I pull my “Bambi on ice” expression (as Tom calls it). Next to me, my hideous £7.99 “Alcatel” phone buzzes away. This is my first week in mobile and everything is new. I spent the past year in social media monitoring and, rather naively, I used my phone to text, calculate my bank balance and drop-call my mum. I was totally oblivious to the power of mobile and, more importantly, the future and potential of this small but rapidly growing medium.

Gone are the days when a mobile operated just like an unattached telephone. Now we can organize our entire lives on this one small box with video, mp3, books, calendars, GPS and so much more. 33% of UK mobile phones are smart phones and this is rapidly growing. New apps continue to be created everyday and the smart phone is fast becoming THE everything-in-one device.

My phone may be “a dinosaur” but it never leaves my side. It is switched on 24/7, creating a constant, direct and personal portal straight to me. Advertisers are falling over themselves to get their advert seen by as many “eyeballs” as possible. More importantly, they are striving for these to be the right “eyeballs”. Half a newspaper won’t cut it because most people are getting their headlines online or on the move through their mobile. A billboard poster won’t cut it because it’s too reliant on the right people wandering past (and not being glued to their mobile phones.)

The adverts in “Minority Report” speak directly to the customers in Gap through eye recognition, and while this is set in 2054 this advertising doesn’t seem so farfetched to me. Advertisers can gain information about the owner of a mobile and make sure their advert lands very nicely in the arms of the correct recipient, someone who is likely to respond. Even if it’s not targeted it’s guaranteed the advert will be seen by a huge, virtually un-tapped (as yet) audience.

Life is rapidly moving online and slowly but surely this is converting to mobile. A digital life literarily at our finger tips. It makes me excited to join an industry on the brink of something huge and an industry that is learning as I do. Companies are just starting to realize this potential in mobile and, although I’ve learnt a lot, this potential is still baffling me. But one thing has become very clear: I need an Iphone and I need one quick!