Blog+ImageLet’s start with some statements and see where we get to:
  • ·      Mobile is growing faster than any other comms has ever done before– tick
  • ·      Mobile is the most connected and engaging technology there has ever been –tick
  • ·      Mobile marketing is, when done right, a most incredibly effective  solution – tick
  • ·      You may as well spend all your ad $$ on mobile solutions –  that’s a BIG NO

I think we all know that mobile is a fantastic medium and if you invest the hours and budget to test and learn what’s going to work for your brand it is a very successful channel of engagement for marketers. But, if you are a follower of the tried and tested rules of marketing you’ll know that the closer  you are to the coal face then the more effective you’re mining will be.

So if you’ve a mobile product or service and your target audience see it in the mobile environment in a banner or a search ad, then you’ll get a far greater interaction and consequently a conversion.  This is a forgone fact.
However there is a magical ingredient that can be added to your marketing brew that will have an impact on all your marketing activity, and this is Branding.  The more people who know about your brand, trust your brand and recognise your brand, the more likely they are to purchase/use your product or service when they are in the market for it.
Brand recognition and saliency, as well as deriving from usage, are driven by a ubiquity of message. This can be delivered through traditional methods such as TV or poster advertising, sponsorship, and a good old shop window. Digitally delivered comms such as social media, youtube and online banners provide another overlay of branding albeit in a subtly different way and to a more tech embracing audience.
Brand trust comes primarily from usage but also from word of mouth and endorsement. Personal contacts and trusted celebrities or expert views also have a huge impact on the decision making process. This is primarily earned although some elements can be bought if you have deep enough pockets.
So, mobile works at “selling” your wears. However to really establish a legacy brand, justify a higher value price tag and not to have to sell on offer or promotion then brand halo activity is an essential part of your marketing arsenal.

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