s been a great week for football on mobile.  This European Championship we can use mobile to do more than ever before.  We can use it to inform and entertain us, help us have fun and even fulfill some of our dreams this Euro 2012.
Unsuprisingly there are apps out that keep us up-to-date with the latest Euro 2012 scores.  There’s also a great app which goes the extra mile from keeping you up-to-date to helping you celebrate – Carlsberg’s UEFA EURO 2012 IOS app provides not only scores and news, and also identifies bars and pubs nearby where you can celebrate (or drown your sorrows).
A great piece of news from the BBC this week is going to help make one of my own dreams come true. Brilliantly, in the same week that UEFA arranged for key group-stage matches to be played simultaneously, the BBC have announced they’ll start streaming their sports coverage on IOS and android and You can use the IOS  ITVplayer to watch ITV’s games live.  Brilliant for keeping your eye on the ball when you’re not at home.   But even better I think for viewing on a second screen alongside your TV.  Now I really can watch 2 football games at the same time in my own front room – now that’s great public service broadcasting!