If your mobile strategy includes an app, then don’t overlook the role push notifications can play in engaging your customers. The ability to deliver push notifications is built into every smartphone, and push offers a great way to improve your mobile app marketing and achieve more once you’ve secured that download.

It’s fair to say that since 2008, consumers have embraced mobile apps with huge enthusiasm. Last year, Apple announced that it had passed its 50 billionth app download. The Google Play Store is showing similar success – Apple was first, but the Android OS has a larger user base.

App usage is also on the rise. Mobile app use increased 115 percent in 2013 (according to Flurry Analytics), and the average smartphone user has 26 apps on their phone. However, another study, by the Pew Research Centre in the US, found that 68 per cent of users have just five or fewer apps that they actually use at least once a week.

In other words, mobile users are habituated to downloading apps, but not necessarily habituated to using all of them.

With the vast majority of app revenue growth coming from in-app purchases rather than paid downloads, it’s more important than ever to keep users engaged with your apps. But this disconnect between downloads and usage presents a challenge for marketers.

The key benefit of push notification is their ability to generate a sense of urgency in the user to open an app. It is also obvious that when a user downloads your app, they have already chosen to enter into a relationship with your brand. It is now up to you to make that relationship work.

How a message is executed is the key to unlocking push as an effective marketing channel, in particular for app re-engagement, geo-targeted messages, social alerts, offers, promotions, transactions and more.

Yodel’s experience with push campaigns tells us that the technique is a highly effective way for brands to engage with consumers – we’ve seen push campaigns that more than doubled app usage and engagement of users who had opted in.

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