What is app tracking?

To figure out exactly which metrics you want to track (aside from the obvious installs), you need to understand the client’s needs and objectives. Most people don’t make money from the install of an app these days; it’s all about post-install engagement, mobile CRM and purchases. You need to quantify those important subscriptions, registrations or upgrades in order to optimise towards your client’s KPI. Crucially, you must make sure you decide which events to track before the SDK is installed into the app, as you will not be able to add them later on.

The more events you track, the more visibility you’ll have. Before you decide to track an event ask yourself this, “will this benefit my campaign?” Because don’t forget: every attribution will be charged.

Why should I track my mobile app campaign?

Attribution is incredibly important in the cookie-less environment of mobile app marketing. Without a tracking provider all user data is lost after clicking to visit the iOS App Store – and this is no way to implement a mobile strategy. An app tracking solution provides the technology to track a user from click to install and beyond.

The ability to optimise is the most important reason for app tracking. Once you attribute a user to an event and collate their user data, this information can be sent back to the original media partner, allowing them to optimise towards their best performing publishers. Tracking providers also gives the advertiser or the mobile marketing agency visibility on how each of their media partners are performing, enabling them to make strategic campaign decisions based on reliably harvested data.

When should I do app tracking?

This is an easy one: all the time and with no exceptions! Running a mobile app campaign without tracking is bonkers. You wouldn’t have any idea how many people have installed your app, let alone how many post-install conversions you’ve secured. Your media partners won’t be able to distinguish the goldmine publishers from the damp squibs, and they’ll be forced to waste resources on ineffective strategies. But most importantly of all, the client who has funded the campaign won’t see any return on investment. How detailed will your reports be if you can only track clicks?

App tracking is a necessary part of any mobile app campaign. Although it comes at a cost, be conscious of the fact that any amount you invest in tracking will be returned, with interest, by improved campaign performance.

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by Adam Scott

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