App+LaunchingPart two of our mobile app launch and marketing blog post and we look at some pre-launch considerations.

Press kits and social media
Generating buzz around your app can deliver earned media through good planning of key messages about your app’s USPs. Keep app stores up to date with your app launch and provide them interesting information that will help build the hype when you actually deliver the app. And providing shareable content that links back to your app store listing will build organic visibility too. User your website, blog and any other channels you have to get the message out pre, during and post app launch. Again, focus on keywords that best relate to your app and make to link to the app store.
App Store Optimisation (ASO) and SEO
Giving your app a distinctive title can help differentiate it within the app stores. Using branded terms and keywords to define your app against the other 500+ apps released daily, along with strong imagery and metadata, can help improve app store organic positioning. Just like online, try to keep focus your descriptions that rank well from a natural search perspective.
A focus on subcategory marketing can help drive up the rankings within your particular product area and can deliver a greater level of Return on Investment than a wider focus on an overall top app store positioning.
Tracking solutions
As mentioned in part one of Mobile App Launch Strategies, having the appropriate tracking in place is imperative to ensuring effective tracking of your apps commercial value – from app discovery to download to conversion (whatever your conversion goal is).
Come back next time to hear our thoughts on app discovery campaigns and mobile display.