In all professions throughout the world people are looking to prove themselves, not only to those around them but to themselves. This is advertising to brands and they are no different; wanting to show the world they are the most adventurous, forward thinking and visionary brand.

Within mobile advertising the numbers of clients are growing and the budgets are slowly increasing. The real advantage for us in mobile that allows us to justify spending more of our clients money over their television, radio and print budgets is fact that the numbers of unique opportunities becoming available to us are increasing as fast as the technology behind the devices themselves, but where is the next opportunity and how to we take advantage?

It’s no secret that Android devices are outselling their rivals and are closing on other manufacturer’s market share. This trend should encourage brands who have only dipped their toes into mobile activity to re-invest again early before the rush of the enthusiastic and ambitious brands move into the space, before the market becomes more saturated and existing brands in the space increase their dominance in the market.

Take advantage of the current lack of brands in the space, create and develop a way of reaching consumers new to the smartphone market and reap the rewards. Being left behind developing apps with little substance or use just to get a foot in the door is not good pro-active enough approach. You wouldn’t give the impression of not caring at any other contact point with your customers, so why do it when the consumer is accessing you, on their most valued device?

Android facts;

  • · 400,000 Android devices are activated daily
  • · Google activated 100 million Android devices globally
  • · Android is used on 36 OEM (original equipment manufacturers)
  • · Android is used on 215 carriers
  • · 310 Android devices are on the market
  • · Android devices are used 112 countries
  • · Android Marketplace contains 200,000 applications
  • · Android will the biggest operating system worldwide within 5 months
  • · The Android app store holds more free app’s than the Apple App store with 134,000 free apps vs Apple’s 112,000 free apps.

[Google 2011]

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