What is the future of mobile advertising?

A large audience is key for traditional media, television and radio thrive on being able to communicate a branded message or promotion to the masses, but what we have seen emerging from digital media has been the opportunity to offer clients a far more targeted experience, and within that, what is key for mobile is location, that is the context of the media and that allows us extra level of targeting. As we have seen with the media owners like O2 already is that we can target someone who has been as in a specific place or area within 1, 3, 6 and even 12 months and deliver a message that is bespoke and relevant to them.

So location is the focus of mobile advertising in the future.

The key question in mobile is how location is going to grow, and what the projected spends are going to be in comparison to the overall spend within mobile marketing.

Alongside this, what technological advances are being made to see if there is a specific feature of the phone that will really bring location to life, i.e. Google maps, or whether it is the Smartphone in general that will be geared towards targeting by location. Integrating Social Media into native features such as Google goggles allowing a user to point their phone at a person’s face, will allow them to access their Facebook page, twitter stream etc, will allow further potential for advertisers looking to advertise via location.

Will all of the phones features integrate to show the users’ preferences for everything they have liked on Facebook, bought online, accessed via search and even taken photos off, allow for relevant, targeted and bespoke advertising.