llllWhy yell up the stairs to summon your kids when dinner is ready? A simple video call will do the job just as well apparently.
It seems British families are forging ahead with a new trend – according to research from Microsoft Advertising, one in three families communicate digitally while within the house. The study surveyed 1,500 families in the UK, and also found that the average British household has six internet-connected devices in use. This doesn’t surprise us – a Deloitte study late last year found the average Brit is kitted out with more than 11 media devices.
Further evidence of the way in which mobile devices are changing the way we interact has emerged from the IAB. Its most recent research found that the average person uses some form of connected device 34 times a day.
The IAB’s research was conducted by independent research firm Firefish. The study involved more than 1,350 interviews with smartphone owners, but also sourced more than 700 hours of video footage from people wearing special cameras attached to their chests. The ‘FishEye’ cameras took a picture every five seconds for three days, allowing researchers to get a picture of daily mobile activity.
The respondents averaged a daily total of 2hrs 12mins using a connected device, while for 46% of that time, they were using two or even three devices simultaneously.
The research also found that over half of smartphone users turn to their phones when faced with ‘down-time’, while more than one in three check their smartphone when there is a lull in conversation. More significant for marketers: 17% of respondents said they had used their smartphone to either browse, research, or buy something in the last two weeks.
All this points to mobile profoundly changing behaviour. As this Yodel Mobile infographic shows, every day is a busy day for our phones. And the fact that we now use phones and tablets to shop, send messages around the house, and alleviate boredom shows a natural and obvious take-up of a technology that’s making life easier for us.
For marketers, it emphasises the need to embrace the technology that consumers are themselves embracing. The fact that consumers are multitasking across devices at various points of the day is an opportunity for marketers – making an effective multi-platform strategy with mobile at its centre essential when it comes to engagement.
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