As the UK’s first strategic planning and buying company for mobile media we know how important it is for our clients to know we understand not only how the market is developing but how the technology that allows us to communicate with our consumers is developing.

There a number of exciting opportunities around the corner for us mobile advertisers but none more so than the hugely anticipated iPhone 4G, but what exactly have Apple done to achieve this mobile dream?

Almost exactly three years ago to the day, the iPhone 3G was released gaining rave reviews from users as the modern game changer and the benchmark for all future mobile phones. At the time it was seen as almost impossible to improve upon, but it seems Apple have developed their flagship product and included some really interested features including ‘Facetime,’ Retina display, HD video recording, a 5MP camera and the much anticipated feature – Multi tasking.

Coming in at a mammoth pre-order price of around £250 plus the monthly contract, the big question is will it be worth the money? Do you think the price offers real value for money or does Apple need to offer more?