At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a comparison site that offers tariff prices for the new iPhone, so we thought we would do some investigation to see for ourselves who offers the best value for money.

Today we are looking at purchasing ourselves the new iPhone 4G and hoping to find a deal we have looked at all of the available contracts the network providers are offering. What has instantly struck us as odd is that purchasing the phone on an 18month contract rather than a 24 month contract will typically save you around £90; not bad considering the new update from Apple could be around that time.

Looking at the cheapest deals, Vodafone seem to be offering the cheapest deals across the board, with only Orange looking to offer unlimited data but at a much greater price, with Vodafone on a £35 a month contract we only have to spend a further £101 to own the phone. This is through a Vodafone business account, for the normal user it is only a further £30 for the phone, when compared to Orange and o2 saves you around another £40.

The best method for deciding what tariff suits you is to work out the overall contract payment as this will give a good summary as to what deal is best for you or your company.

If unlimited data access a month is ultimately what you want, it is best to take away the overall prices of Orange and the other network providers, divide this by the 18 months and this will give you a price extra per month which can be compared to the ‘tethering’ prices the networks offer, in the long run it might well be worth it.

Our 18 month contract on Vodafone will cost us £731, on Orange it would cost us £859 and o2 would cost us £809. Orange is unlimited data, so we divide 809 by 731 and divide by the length of the contract which meant the price per month is £42. Whether it’s worth the extra money per month is your choice, but failing that, you could always look at the iPad.

Take a look yourselves;