The latest issue of Wired U.K. tackles the “check-in” apps battle, showcasing Foursquare CEO Dennins Crowley on the cover, and a double page spread featuring Mr. Crowley and rival Gowalla CEO Josh Williams.

Both are companies that offer their users the opportunity to check in at various points throughout the UK, and give advertisers an excellent opportunity to engage with their target audience whilst on the move; either by offering money off vouchers to entice them to their restaurant or even the next film playing at the cinema.

While it makes sense to include Gowalla in the Wired article to provide some competitive tension, it’s clear that NYC-based Foursquare has already won its race against the Austin, Tex.-based Gowalla and it is widely accepted that the speed of the evolution of Foursquare is the main reason behind their success.

The real battle ahead for Foursquare is between themselves and the much bigger online companies, such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. That’s not to say that Gowalla is going to disappear, but it’s not going to beat Foursquare unless something truly drastic happens, so watch this space.