We are very excited in the office this week, Monday is the start of the UK’s first geographically targeted mobile campaign, and we are at the centre of it all.

The client is online service that offers its users to find restaurants, music gigs, comedy venues, museums and much more within the local area and this makes them perfect for offering dedicated adverts for individual cities which proves for a new level of relevant and targeted advertising, which is a key advantage that mobile offers over other traditional and digital media.

Users in the major cities will see an advert that is relevant to their location and will add an extra level of potential engagement with the consumer, and we feel that this will be the standard for future banner advertising for all smartphones, especially if the client offers localised services.

We will be posting our results as a case study, and this should provide further justification for this targeting method and for mobile advertising as a whole, so look out on our twitter feed for further information and updates;