Foursquare first made its debut at last year’s South by Southwest festival and has since aligned itself to become this year’s mainstream hit.

In case you aren’t sure what I am referring to, Foursquare is the location based social networking service that allows you to share your location with friends. Whenever you walk into a pub or restaurant or wherever it is that you go, you can ‘check-in’ on your mobile and your friends will see where you are on a Foursquare map.

It is intended as a game and you earn points and ‘badges’ for checking-in frequently, or at a certain time. If you raise enough points then you can become ‘mayor’ of a certain area.

The popularity of this game is not going unnoticed by companies who are acknowledging the potential that Foursquare could carry. Starbucks has recently joined forces with Foursquare in order to test it as part of its customer-loyalty program. You can now earn a ‘Barista badge’ by checking in to Starbucks five times.

I don’t think it is presumptuous to predict big things for this social networking site as it has already unveiled plans to release a free analytics program very soon, this will give business owners access to a range of information and statistics about visitors. Just imagine how this could benefit these companies, business owners could offer tailored promotions and instant incentives based on Foursquare knowledge.

So, I guess this leaves the crucial question, if to update your status on Twitter is to ‘tweet’ then what is a Foursquare check in known as?