Fit to Market

This app marketing  programme is unique to Yodel Mobile and includes essential activities relevant to the success of any app, covering key areas organic acquisition and user retention. Optimisations include include App Store Optimisation (ASO), mobile discoverability, app review and feedback management, onboarding. A/B testing, mCRM and social sharing.


Challenge 1

The app whose service the searcher has actively looked for is going to be the most successful. With over 5 million apps available across the Google Play and the Apple App Store, discoverability at the right time is imperative.

Challenge 2

A visit to an app store listing must result in a download. If the images, video and copy are not compelling enough, or you have less than three stars, only 15% of visitors will consider downloading it.

Challenge 3

71% of app users churn within 90 days. You have one chance at educating users to ensure they get maximum value out of your app. Great app marketing will aid in retaining users down the funnel.

Challenge 4

People will forget they have an app or be seduced by a competitor. Many apps will languish unused – or worse, be uninstalled. Relevant and ongoing engagement to build a lasting relationship is essential.


Fit to Market
This unique mobile marketing programme supports discoverability through non-paid channels and optimization of the app to increase retention. Our mobile marketing supports and enhances the success of any acquisition activity and results in engaged high value users. Why not get in touch to see what we can do for your app?



Mobile Discoverability

A strategic focus on surfacing an app across all mobile search, app packs and voice search via tagging, implementation of technology and deep linking.


Maximizing visibility of an app in the app stores with a focus on optimising keywords, titles,  descriptions, screenshots, video, icon and reviews to increase visibility and conversion from impression to install.



Push strategy and other re-engagement activities that are essential once the app is downloaded, to establish a valuable ongoing relationship between the user and the app.


User insight through data is vital to maximize the lifetime value of the user. By tracking the user from app discovery to long-term use, high value users will be understood and optimised for.

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