Success+in+mobileMobile success is more likely if you know what you are trying to achieve
How do you make sure that your move into mobile is not going to be a flop and that your financial and time investment is well spent? Well there are a ton of things you need to consider but one of the most important, if not THE most important, is looking at what you are setting out to achieve.
You need to have a very clear role for mobile. Before you spend so much as a  penny on designing an app or deciding you need a mobile PPC or marketing campaign you must determine what the role and goal of mobile will be for your business, brand or product .
By defining your role you are laying down a marker which should make all your other mobile decisions easier.
This role is what you want or need mobile to achieve. For every business there are a myriad of goals you could be considering.  It may be you have some of these questions on your mind:
(1) How do I use mobile to help cut communication costs?
(2) How do I extend my online presence into a mobile environment?
(3) Can I use mobile to build up a stronger relationship with my customer base?
To answer each of these questions, you will have a completely different requirement from mobile, and need a different solution.
(1) If you want to cut costs then you may want to implement a CRM strategy of SMS and push message strategy through your phone
(2) For a mobile store extension than you might build a responsive designed HTML site which works across all devices or a stand alone mobile website with purchasing functionality
(3) To build a  stronger relationship, a news app consolidating your social media feeds, offers and invites could be wrapped up as a VIP club app and released accordingly
Once you have defined this, you can set your goal, your KPIs and targets.  It’s far easier to plan when you know exactly what you are trying to achieve.
Happy role setting
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