The Afternoon Club: The journey to app engagement

Our Afternoon Club event was a great chance to delve into the world of app engagement. With speakers from the likes of Avios, HasOffers – not to mention yours truly – it was a great chance to really learn from the experts on app marketing and app engagement. One key message across all the presentations was [...]

Why Evaluate?

One of the strengths of integrating mobile into a campaign is that is it an extremely accountable media. Currently, users of the mobile internet and other forms of communication are happy to share their experiences and thoughts with brands, and this can provide a full suit of impact, click, awareness and usage data. Ensuring your brand has the right learning’s is essential for further activity and success. […]

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M:Metrics is the recognised leader in mobile measurement (and was acquired by Comscore in May 2008). It provides the most accurate metrics on actual mobile content consumption by applying trusted media measurement methodologies to the mobile market. Yodel is one of the few agencies in the UK that has access to M:Metrics information. It allows us to have a full view of the mobile advertising market place, making it an indispensible tool for planning mobile advertising. […]

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