The Mobile media environment is still very small in comparison to all the established digital and non digital media. It is, however, growing fast and many industry observers believe that it will overtake the fixed line digital environment in scale and reach within the next 5 – 10 year. Whether or not this happens, mobile will be a very important engagement environment for marketers and brands within the next few years.

Currently, mobile adds an extra dimension to a brand’s saliency and the consumer’s consideration; use of mobile as part of the marketing mix helps define an innovative, relevant and to some extent engaging brand personality. If these are dimensions your brand currently complies with or wishes to grow into, then Mobile will help.

What you don’t get currently is the big volumes, but they it will come. What you do get is early adopters, tech heads, committed consumers and a young or young at heart profile. These are all very valuable audiences to brands keen on cementing or growing their brand dimensions, they are the people who tend to share their thoughts and shout loudest with their opinions.

Now is also the time to explore the mobile space, to glean learnings and find out how it can work for your brands. The initial outlay to test the space is still relatively small due to the current volumes in the market; in addition most of your competitors will probably be considering but not trialling the space. First mover advantage is still widely available and an invaluable opportunity.

Most of the activity in the mobile internet space is geared to generating clicks through to app stores or Msites. Brand building for many businesses is still being overlooked, but it does work. Using rich media formats and considering the mobile destination, such as you Iphone App, as part of the overall branding pallet then you will find research dimensions going north.

For our client we undertake mobile preroll video activity in business, news and sports msite and application environments. Driving key brand dimensions is the core objective; it was the most significant contributor in raising mobile advertising awareness with a 274% increase in spontaneous awareness of Jobsite amongst those that used the sites and a prompted total awareness figure of 70%, far greater than the figure generated solely by TV, 40% of those that saw the Jobsite advert specifically remember seeing it on their mobile.

Mobile does work in driving brand awareness dimensions. There is no argument that brands grow far quicker against a broader audience when multiple communications channels and touch points are used. Mobile currently adds to the marketing mix and will soon be a key element, now is the time to trial it to see the positive effect.