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Mobile App Launch Strategies (part 2): Pre-launch Planning

Part two of our mobile app launch and marketing blog post and we look at some pre-launch considerations. Press kits and social media Generating buzz around your app can deliver earned media through good planning of key messages about your app’s USPs. Keep app stores up to date with your app launch and provide them interesting information that will help build the hype when you actually deliver the app. […]

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The average UK Citizen owns a whopping 11.4 types of media devices up from 9.7 in 2011


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Wishing you were here – Holiday Infographic

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Keys, Money, Phone

Tiles have been getting a lot of press this week and with good reason, it’s a pretty cool product, if not a killer one.  Looking roughly a centimetre square, these little suckers will attach to all the important items we need every day and can be tracked via an iOS application.  So how do they work?  They are powered by Bluetooth and have a 50m to 150m range.  […]

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Welcome aboard Kate

We are delighted to have Kate Yates join Yodel Mobile, she graduated with a First in Biology from Leeds University and conducted research on the very important role of bees. The lure of London has brought her to Farringdon and she is supporting our planning and buying efforts. […]

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Don’t fail in mobile for your business…. set down in stone what the role will be!

Mobile success is more likely if you know what you are trying to achieve How do you make sure that your move into mobile is not going to be a flop and that your financial and time investment is well spent? Well there are a ton of things you need to consider but one of the most important, if not THE most important, is looking at what you are setting out to achieve. […]

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The most important elements of your app strategy are not what you expect

There is no single solution, golden bullet or button you can press to ensure your mobile app discovery strategy is going to be a success. It doesn’t matter what the sector is or what your service offering will be,  you need a bespoke, well thought through and tightly managed strategy. […]

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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club kicked off yesterday in Yodel Mobile’s Farringdon offices with the topic being how SMS can fit into your business in a credible way.   Mick gave a presentation detailing the mobile landscape and where SMS fits in, offering the pros and cons of using SMS along with case studies we called the Good, the Spam and the Ugly.   […]

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Top mobile phone apps and advice for the festival season

You know that festival season is well and truly here when you wake up to talk on the Radio about what the weather gods are going to be doing over Glastonbury for the next few days. The summer is ahead of us and every weekend from now until the end of September there is at least one major festival and a handful of boutique or music specific ones. The office is going to be quiet for the next couple of days as half the team have headed out to Glasto. […]

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A Day in the Life of your Mobile – Infographic


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