blog+image+There is a distinct difference between Mobile marketing and App promotion. One is about focusing on your brand and using mobile to deliver a salient message drawing individuals closer to you and ensuring there is a predisposed positive association with your brand. The other is about “selling” a product, your application.
It’s really important to remember this because mobile must be used completely differently dependent on what you are intending to try and achieve.
Let me put it slightly differently. Do you want more customers, more engagement, more positive recommendations and more purchasers or do you want people to download your application?
Clearly, if you look at the scenario this way then unless your app is your sole product or only shopfront then you need to think less about app promotion and more about a mobile strategy.
You have to consider mobile as a two way channel of communication with your customers and potential customers rather than an app push solution.  The application (or mobile website) becomes more about being an element of your mobile strategy rather than the beating heart.
Your mobile real-estate, that is to say your app or html site, in most cases is an element of a layered mobile strategy. Not the “be all and end all” of your activity in mobile. Treat it as you would your high street shop front or your office in the mobile space.  Kit it out accordingly; make sure it looks good and operates as it should.
Successful use of mobile as a comms and marketing tool like any story needs a beginning middle and end. Your beginning is your strategy, what you want to achieve; your middle, is your marketing activity; and your end is the destination, your app and msites.
Mobile marketing and App promotion are two very different beasts, treat them as such.
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