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Adapting to the constant developments in app discoverability is an essential part of app marketing, but it can present considerable challenges. For example, one practice we see lots of app marketers engaging in is App Store Optimisation (ASO). While this is definitely a valuable activity, smaller apps find it difficult to move up the App Store ranks – which is no wonder considering that collectively there are currently 4.2 million apps in the Google and Apple app stores.

Other methods of organic acquisition are often overlooked, such as Google App Packs – a tiled app result on mobile Google search. Google recently released a report saying 27% of people discover apps through search – behaviours are changing; app discoverability doesn’t have to be all about the App Store. We’ve seen great results from optimising for other organic discoverability channels with not only significant increases in volume of traffic from these channels, but also the lifetime value of the resulting users.


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