The first thing I noticed when I walked into Smokehouse Yard was the cool, refurbished building that I would be using over the next two weeks to hone my skills in mobile marketing. The second thing I noticed were the friendly faces of the diverse workforce that greeted me. Both these things; ‘cool’ and ‘diverse’ I would later learn were not only physical features of this London agency but also included in the Yodel Mobile’s brand culture; using innovative techniques in order to help a wide range of clients further their businesses through the use of what has become an essential part of a marketer’s toolkit, mobile advertising.

After being introduced to this closely knit team, I was told what the company did and what they stood for. I went round each person and picked their brain about what their role in the company was and what that consisted of. I was introduced to a number of tools that the company uses and taught how to use them in easily manageable chunks. Instantly I felt like a valued member of the group as I was given a task to do regarding a new client Yodel Mobile had just acquired. Whilst I was conducting my research, I knew that the work I was producing would actually have a use instead of just being given work to fill the time.

All in all, my first day at Yodel Mobile was everything I had hoped. I knew that I could walk into the office the next day, and indeed the next two weeks, looking forward to what was in store for me.

Dan Harvey