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About Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile is a full-service global app marketing consultancy.

We do two things – effectively launch apps and efficiently grow apps. We work as the extension to our clients’ marketing teams to help them acquire and build a meaningful relationship with users in the mobile and app ecosystem. Founded in 2007, we focus on delivering a complete and success-driven end-to-end service through our app growth expertise.

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Yodel Mobile’s unique programme that ensures our clients stand out in the crowded app marketplace and form strong relationships with users.

Fit to Market is a holistic app marketing programme that increases the success of organic acquisition, driving greater visibility for apps through ASO, mobile search and discoverability. Fit to Market also improves user retention through onboarding, mCRM and app review and feedback management, with optimisations that drive conversion of audiences at key engagement points. With data-driven optimisations, we tie together the mobile marketing stack for app businesses to drive app growth.

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Ensuring our clients successfully launch and scale their apps

Most businesses focus purely on the product for launch. We go beyond this by providing app launch support for our clients. We provide an app success workshop which considers earned, owned and paid channel activity and how, in conjunction, we can create the most budget efficient and strategically driven launch. Key elements also include business modelling, forecasting, monetisation, user journey and UX/UI mapping, tool implementation and analytics set up. Working closely with our clients’ app teams, we ensure a greater chance of app marketing success.


How do you make mobile a success for your business?

In the incredibly competitive mobile ecosystem, getting your mobile app strategy right is essential. Determining the ‘what, how and why’ you do what you must be doing is foundational for your mobile focus. Using gap analysis, research and multiple strat processes, Yodel Mobile will help define the role of mobile and where a business’ focus should be.


Reaching the right users at the right price and lifetime value

Our paid user acquisition focuses on effective app install campaigns and driving ongoing customer engagement. We have unrivalled expertise in running campaigns on social, Apple Search Ads, Google UAC, utilising networks and app retargeting. Attribution tracking, data management and an unrivalled understanding of all the acquisition channels ensure we use the most efficient and clean ad channels for the job required. We continually optimise campaigns and creative to evolve efficiencies.

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