The Breakfast Club, Publishing and Mobile Devices, September 12th 2013

     The Breakfast Club took place in the Salon room at the Zetter hotel on Thursday the 12th of September, a new and bigger location for the event. […]

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The Daily News – Traditional Publishing is alive and well and on your Tablet – Infographic

With the rapid decline of newsstand sales over the last ten years many of the publishing groups both big and small must have felt the sword of Damocles was hanging over their head. Then just over three years ago the iPad was launched; the beautiful big screen was ideal for the content that newspapers, magazines and Books. iPad along with Android devices, the Mobile tablet has breathed life into a business that has been eroded by open source digital content . […]

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September Breakfast Club – Daily Mail speaking on publishing via mobile devices and Yodel on the rules of mobile advertising campaigns

We’re holding our next Breakfast Club event on the Thursday the 12th of September at 8.30 at the Zetter Hotel in Clerkenwell. We have Neil Johnson from the Daily Mail speaking about his experiences of publishing on mobile devices; the challenges, the successes and what the future holds.  Mick Rigby CEO of Yodel Mobile will be providing his insight on the top ten rules of running mobile advertising campaigns and answering any questions. […]

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