Gaming in the Mobile World – an infographic by Yodel Mobile & the MMA

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Mobile App Launch Strategies (part 2): Pre-launch Planning

Part two of our mobile app launch and marketing blog post and we look at some pre-launch considerations. Press kits and social media Generating buzz around your app can deliver earned media through good planning of key messages about your app’s USPs. Keep app stores up to date with your app launch and provide them interesting information that will help build the hype when you actually deliver the app. […]

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The average UK Citizen owns a whopping 11.4 types of media devices up from 9.7 in 2011


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Wishing you were here – Holiday Infographic

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Keys, Money, Phone

Tiles have been getting a lot of press this week and with good reason, it’s a pretty cool product, if not a killer one.  Looking roughly a centimetre square, these little suckers will attach to all the important items we need every day and can be tracked via an iOS application.  So how do they work?  They are powered by Bluetooth and have a 50m to 150m range.  […]

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