Welcome aboard Kate

We are delighted to have Kate Yates join Yodel Mobile, she graduated with a First in Biology from Leeds University and conducted research on the very important role of bees. The lure of London has brought her to Farringdon and she is supporting our planning and buying efforts. […]

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Don’t fail in mobile for your business…. set down in stone what the role will be!

Mobile success is more likely if you know what you are trying to achieve How do you make sure that your move into mobile is not going to be a flop and that your financial and time investment is well spent? Well there are a ton of things you need to consider but one of the most important, if not THE most important, is looking at what you are setting out to achieve. […]

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The most important elements of your app strategy are not what you expect

There is no single solution, golden bullet or button you can press to ensure your mobile app discovery strategy is going to be a success. It doesn’t matter what the sector is or what your service offering will be,  you need a bespoke, well thought through and tightly managed strategy. […]

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