No ifs or buts, every business needs a mobile web site

New research from the IAB shows brands with mobile specific websites are reaping the benefits through significantly superior consumer engagement, and being actively chosen over non-optimised sites. On average, mobile users spend nearly twice as long on a website when that site has been mobile-optimised, or made mobile-specific. Plus they look at a third more content when a site is mobile specific. Consumers are increasingly expecting websites accessed through mobile to be fit for purpose. […]

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4G or not 4G, that is the next question for mobile advertisers.

The 4G service will see mobile phones communicate in the same way as your desktop computer, with the same or evenbetter data rates. Unlike its previous cousins, 4G is designed as a data network not a voice one. So it uses the same TCP/IP protocols that underpin the internet. That will make 4G ideal for streaming video and online gaming. Although it may not provide quite the light speed connection we may dream of, it will be four or more times faster than a 3G connection and offer brands a new set of ways to engage with their consumers. […]

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