Mobile makes dreams come true in Euro 2012

s been a great week for football on mobile.  This European Championship we can use mobile to do more than ever before.  We can use it to inform and entertain us, help us have fun and even fulfill some of our dreams this Euro 2012. Unsuprisingly there are apps out that keep us up-to-date with the latest Euro 2012 scores.  […]

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The other f word

We all desire success for our clients, however, that doesn’t mean we should fear failure, particularly in mobile. Most of us are aware that before they finally found success, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney persevered through many failures. And even when they did find success, they continued to embrace risk. Far too many of us shy away from using the‘f’* word in business. The bravest and best admit and embrace ‘failure’, whilst the rest dress it up as a ‘pivot’.  […]

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From small screen to smaller screen – celebrating the Jubilee on mobile.

When Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was televised, 20 million people in the UK watched it via only 2 million TV screens. Family, friends and neighbours crammed into the front rooms of the 10% of homes who were lucky (or loaded)enough to have one of those magical moving-picture boxes in their home. […]

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