Merry Christmas for The Library Project

 When Mick and Mike suggested that, after the success of last year, they wanted to give charitable donations instead of sending out printed Christmas cards I had the charity I wanted to help on the tip of my tongue. The Library Project, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a small teaching facility, set up on the edge of a slum area and (now moved) rubbish dump. Of course moving the rubbish improved the health of the residents but it also meant everyone now had to walk miles and miles to work every day. […]

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Time for a Christmas pint… where did I put my phone?

This Friday it’s Pre Christmas drinks with a few of my old collage mates, we do it every year, and every year we debate where should we go that’s not too busy where we can have a decent chat. Is there an app for that? I downloaded the AA good pub guide and was very disappointed it was a list app and they look to have simply lifted the info and chucked it into the phone. […]

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Manic Monday and the search for a decent Mcommerce site

EpiSurvey announced on Monday that 33% of smartphone users had bought something on their phone. It bodes well for the Mcommerce sector as smartphone penetration increases rapidly and the average spends also go north ( 2010 it was £12.20, in 2011 it has been £17.49 IAB M-CommerceStudies). Based on the feedback from Black Friday spends on mobile, and the indications of how Manic Monday has bee,n I think we’ll see a massive jump over this Christmas period. […]

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