Mobile SEO

In the report recently released by the IAB, Search accounts for 66% of the total money spent in mobile advertising, so it is an important technique to understand and implement. With an estimated two billion mobile phone users in the world, mobile search and search engine optimisation (MSEO) is quickly becoming a necessity in for brands looking to gain awareness in the mobile space. […]

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The future of the UK market, what can we learn from the U.S?

The US mobile market is a large scale UK market, the methods and techniques used across the Atlantic are those that we should be taking notice off, as they will become available here sooner rather than later. […]

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Location, Location, Kerching

Location discovery is one of the Yodel four pillars of “the Magic that is mobile”. It’s unique to mobile and gives it a massive edge on other internet and wifi devices. It’s not hard to see the value to both consumers and businesses of devices being able to tell you, or the service you are using, were you are. […]

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Keep taking the Tablets

People are buying mobile tablets hand over fist, 14Million were shipped last year (source: Apple) and it’s predicted that over 85,000,000 will be sold this year across the globe. Not all of them will be iPads or iPad2s ( or even iPad3s if the rumours for a pre Christmas launch are to be believed) a large number of these tablets will be from the pool of the anticipated 200 different makes and models released before 2012. […]

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