Things you need to know about Android

Android is the Google developed mobile phone operating system that currently runs 12.1% of the phones in the UK ( conmscore) and 25% of total phones globally ( The Guardian). Considering that the first Android phone (the T-Mobile G1), launched 22nd October 2008, this is an incredible and rapid growth. The speed of take up of Android appears to be faster than that of the Apple phone and operating systems. […]

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10 point plan to get mobile in 2011

New Year new start and all that. Lots of positive thinking and good intent, both personally and professionally floating about. And to this end there are loads of “new you” 10 point plans being posted and blogged all over the place. So in order not to be left out we’ve done one for mobile. 1. Get yourself an iphone, or an android handset and an ipad or a Sony Galaxy. Alternatively ask your company to get you one. When you have the best mobile technology to experience mobile on then you can really get to see what the potential is in the space for your business. […]

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look at the fixed line internet to guage the future of mobile

This is a copy of the thought leadership piece I wrote for Mobile Marketing Magazine’s December edition you can access the full magazine here When looking forward to the future it’s always smart to look back and see what happened in the past in similar circumstances. And in order to determine the growth and spread of mobile we don’t have to go far back into the past to see what’s likely to happen . […]

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