Optimising for a successful campaign

‘Mobile advertising is all about the consumer’s relationship with technology, understanding the personal and innovative relationship is to understand mobile advertising.’ IAB 2010 Successful mobile marketing for us is determined by the our knowledge in the mobile media, to win new clients you always need to display your understandings from previous campaign mistakes, optimisation is a key factor for success, knowing how the little details affect the campaign means the client will get the best possible ROI. […]

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AR – The future, now

Holograms, radar maps and ‘geotagging’ are no longer far off futuristic idea’s that make you instantly think of science fiction movies like star wars, no, these are the words of the near future for mobile advertisers. Augmented reality or AR to you and I is an iPhone user looking at their surroundings through their phones camera and getting a digital layer of information, from restaurant ratings, venue and sports fixtures to historical facts. […]

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Brand Building with Mobile

The Mobile media environment is still very small in comparison to all the established digital and non digital media. It is, however, growing fast and many industry observers believe that it will overtake the fixed line digital environment in scale and reach within the next 5 – 10 year. Whether or not this happens, mobile will be a very important engagement environment for marketers and brands within the next few years. […]

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Geo Targeting Ads

We are very excited in the office this week, Monday is the start of the UK’s first geographically targeted mobile campaign, and we are at the centre of it all. […]

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The State of the Mobile Market

After attending a very insightful and rewarding IAB led course on mobile marketing, it is clear to see their passion and excitement for a media that is vastly growing in 2010 and beyond. Figures show that 2009 recorded the biggest decline in advertising spend since records began, yet mobile advertising increased by over 30%. […]

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