V useful smartphone comparison site

It is coming up to my favourite time of the year (excluding Christmas, my birthday, Summer, Easter and Halloween), the time when my network operator begins to call me every single day to inform me that my contract will soon expire and notify me of their latest exclusive deals. So before I answer my phone to them, become flustered over the vast selection of handsets on offer and have figures fired down the line at me, I have decided to browse the latest handsets at my own pace. […]

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Apps vs Msites

App vs msite. almost every week I see topics being posted on linkedin making statements along the lines of the mobile internet is now defunct and that apps are the future or questions like should I build an iphone app or a blackberry app? The simple answer to these is that there isn’t an answer. Too often businesses and individuals get caught up in trying to decide on a solution without really understanding the problem first and the mobile space appears to be no exception. […]

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Mobile Search

Last week I attended the Mobile Search Seminar at the IAB headquarters. Being relatively new to the mobile world I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but luckily there was a fantastic line up and I left the session one step closer to becoming a fully pledged mobile guru. There was great emphasis on Google as the mobile search engine of choice, presumably because Google now dominates the mobile search portals, claiming a majority over closest competitors Yahoo and Bing. […]

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