iPhone Killer

On Friday Nokia’s flagship store on Regent Street hosted the exclusive launch of the rather swish looking Nokia 5800 (https://www.nokiaretail.co.uk/Brands/Nokia/Xpress-Music-Phones/sb491/n443/p2987.htm?lpsrc=google&lpgrp=Nokia5800&lptxt=5800XpressMusic&lpcat=Nokia5800&lpkey=nokia%20tube&gclid=CPOt1MmapZgCFQrFGgodwnf7mQ) The phone is also known as The Tube, though whether it is really named after the seminal Yoof TV show hosted by Paula Yates and Jools Holland remains to be seen. […]

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New year’s revolutions

I don’t do ‘em, well not those ones where you set yourself up for a fall, such as no drinking in January or not eating crisps. What I do do is set emotional goals and states of minds to try and achieve (sorry for the hippy attitude but hear me out here)… What I want to try and do this year and the next and the next ad infinitum is to celebrate the good times at work and not to pass them by with a cursory glance and a smile of relief. […]

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Yodel Trials New Mobile Photo Technology

If you have been one of the lucky people to have met either myself or Mick over the past 12 months you will no doubt be in possession of one of our very nice business cards. […]

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Mobile search – Surprisingly underutilised

The most powerful marketing tool online is failing in many instances to be translated onto the mobile space. I’m flabbergasted at how many of the big online advertisers and real world brands are neglecting to use mobile search and if they are doing it many of them are failing to do it properly. […]

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