christmas_Santa_greetings_4.previewYou read all these stats about how Mcommerce is rocketing, how people are using their mobile to check prices before they buy and how couponing is directing individuals’ impulse purchasing decisions.

If you work at a mobile agency (ta-da), you can read all the research and deliver marketing initiatives till you turn blue in the face, but to really get under the skin of it there is nothing like doing it yourself. So this year I’ve decided that my Christmas is going to be done solely on mobile. All the arrangements, planning, travel itinerary, purchasing and decision making will be done via my Android or IOS smartphones or iPad.

I’ll be posting regular updates on the yodel blog over the next few weeks keeping you abreast of the highs and lows, the problems and hopefully the successes! Also, I’m going to try and steer away from the easy routes such as using facebook for sourcing or simply accessing the web through my iPad.

…and hopefully we’ll all learn something useful through this little project.