Interview with Jacki Vause at #zerotohero London Mobile Games Week

Interview with Jacki Vause at #zerotohero London Mobile Games Week by George Osborn Why is PR and marketing important for a games developer? Is there a reason why it’s particularly important with mobile games versus traditional boxed releases What kind of things could a mobile games developer learn from your experience? Top tips? Do you think [...]

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IBM presents The Afternoon Club, 22nd September 2014

**Confirmed Attendees include The Spectator, Thomas Cook, Harrods, Cancer Research UK, RBS, Lloyds, IPC Media, Evans, Hailo, War Child, The Economist, Dennis Publishing, HSBC, Archant + more** Registration for our next event The Afternoon Club is now open!  This time we are bigger and better than ever and are being brought to you by IBM and [...]

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Mobile App Launch Strategies (part 3): Mobile Display Campaigns, Networks and Remarketing

Mobile advertising has evolved. With a range of new display ad units that incorporate a suite of dynamic features, new ad networks that deliver ever growing reach, contextual and location based targeting, and in depth tracking solutions – mobile display has made huge leaps since the early days of basic static banners. […]

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Mobile App Launch Strategies (part 2): Pre-launch Planning

Part two of our mobile app launch and marketing blog post and we look at some pre-launch considerations. Press kits and social media Generating buzz around your app can deliver earned media through good planning of key messages about your app’s USPs. Keep app stores up to date with your app launch and provide them interesting information that will help build the hype when you actually deliver the app. […]

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The Life and Times of a Yodel Intern

It has been 3 weeks since I joined the team at Yodel Towers and I am happy to report that so far I am enjoying the experience and managing to keep my head above water. Over the past few weeks I have been prepped in all things mobile, met various new faces, chased after clients, come to terms with the jargon, learnt how to put together a good strategy, tried and tested the surrounding pub grub and have now developed what I feel is a very special bond with Radio 6. […]

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