halo29I’m planning and buying my Christmas on mobile this year. This week I’m only going to be using mobile sites and apps that have actively reached out to me via email, links on ads such as QR codes and push messages by SMS. Saturday morning, and no word of a lie, my little lad got in on the act. Over breakfast he was pouring through the Argos catalogue looking at the Halo toy page – key reading when compiling Christmas lists – and piped up “it’s got one of those bar code scanners that you do dad”. QR codes haven’t crept into the vocabulary of the average 7 year old as yet but the ability to scan it with the QR Reader app on my iphone certainly has, so scan he did. The experience was seamless and quick as we were on the house wifi but when we were pushed through to the mobile site it gave us no more than the images already on the page on the catalogue, there was no additional information and worst still no ability to purchase. It left my son a bit deflated with a “what’s the point of that??”. We got the following:


We headed out to footy training and I thought I’d use the time as I stood on the touch line watching the boys practice to check my phone for the project. Lo and behold there’s an email from Amazon with amazing Christmas offers on it, great stuff thought I, I’ll click through and buy loads of stuff on Amazon and have lots of good experience to write about. But No, the email wasn’t mobile friendly and the click went straight to a web page, have a look at this:


I’d have put money on Amazon getting it right, they’ve got a super user friendly app and a great Msite but this experience just let them down. Bit of a poor weekend on the mobile shopping list, I’ve learnt that even the big guns occasionally shoot blanks and I really hope the week’s going to get better