‘Mobile advertising is all about the consumer’s relationship with technology, understanding the personal and innovative relationship is to understand mobile advertising.’ IAB 2010

Successful mobile marketing for us is determined by the our knowledge in the mobile media, to win new clients you always need to display your understandings from previous campaign mistakes, optimisation is a key factor for success, knowing how the little details affect the campaign means the client will get the best possible ROI.

We at Yodel are looking to continuously learn from past campaigns to give our clients the best available service; we want to be the leaders in the mobile marketing field. Tweaking and adjusting a mobile campaign is very easy; editing creative, changing the times of promotion, adding text and tile banners and utilising a complimentary outbound SMS campaigns to really drive the consumer to the brands app or Msite.

We currently have 3 apps in the top 25 of their respective app groups, and with continued focus on optimising the campaigns; we feel we can get them further up the charts with our objective of getting them into the top 10.

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