mad_waiterNew research from the IAB shows brands with mobile specific websites are reaping the benefits through significantly superior consumer engagement, and being actively chosen over non-optimised sites. On average, mobile users spend nearly twice as long on a website when that site has been mobile-optimised, or made mobile-specific. Plus they look at a third more content when a site is mobile specific. Consumers are increasingly expecting websites accessed through mobile to be fit for purpose. 14 million people each day are now using mobile internet, and with 30% saying they would immediately go to another site if their first choice of retailer was not mobile-optimised. Even more still will fall out through frustration some time after that, which means more than a whopping 4.2 million potential customers are being lost just through not having a mobile-specific site.

Think of it like this; would you visit a restaurant where all the tables were squashed up together in the middle of the room, where the text on the menu was so small that reading it was painful and when wanted to order your dinner the waiter walked round in circles for 30 seconds before getting to you to take your order. You may persevere with this restaurant but you wouldn’t find the experience particularly enjoyable

User Experience in mobile is not just important, it’s essential to ensure a decent engagement – so get yourself a mobile site.