In the report recently released by the IAB, Search accounts for 66% of the total money spent in mobile advertising, so it is an important technique to understand and implement.

With an estimated two billion mobile phone users in the world, mobile search and search engine optimisation (MSEO) is quickly becoming a necessity in for brands looking to gain awareness in the mobile space. The year of the mobile has been predicted to take place in 2012 (Times Online) this is the year when Smartphones outsell feature phones and laptops and become the priority device for accessing content and information. Mobile is going to be the central device for consumers looking for the cheapest prices on items, payment, social media and search. Mobile phone SEO for search queries is quickly becoming more important.

If brands get it right now, they will have a competitive share of market space in mobile market and that will continue to grow as more consumers adopt mobile technology.

Mobile searchers are more likely to perform ‘local’ searches than users searching via laptop or PC, as the user is more likely to be on the move whilst they are searching, probably for items, shops or entertainment in the local area. There is already growing trends in how users are searching, and as the mobile experience gets ever closer to mimicking that of the laptop/desktop, it’s very likely consumers will be searching on their mobiles in a remarkably similar fashion to how they search everywhere else.

Research from Doubleclick strongly suggests that we’re moving towards search parity with the two search methods complimenting each other, as queries, clicks, click-through-rate and even conversion rates are all very similar. Based on the trends, mobile search clicks are expected to increase to over 16% of all Google search clicks (mobile + desktop) by the end of 2011;


  • A lot more queries – mobile search is growing faster than traditional search.
  • A chance to make your mobile-focus known.
  • Definite need for a separate mobile ad strategy – Unlike SEO, the paid search results can and do differ dramatically on mobile devices. CPC and conversion rates are generally lower.
  • Apps are still beloved – App usage is expected to decline as the mobile internet improves, but right now App are one of the more popular features.
  • Geography matters – If you tailor your content and your marketing to effectively serve on a local basis there are some serious benefits.

The mobile being the primary device search means brands looking to be at the top of the search results need to adopt a mobile strategy as they continue to invest time and money they will continuously see their efforts rewarded. As with all new media, there will be many brands that will ignore the potential and leave it till its too late.

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