The most powerful marketing tool online is failing in many instances to be translated onto the mobile space. I’m flabbergasted at how many of the big online advertisers and real world brands are neglecting to use mobile search and if they are doing it many of them are failing to do it properly. Go on give it a try, pick a couple of big sectors (if you can’t think of any at the moment try gaming or holiday) and see where Google or yahoo search take you in the mobile net space, don’t forget to click the mobile button at the top of the Google page when the results come up.
4.46 million uk mobile phone users use mobile search ( and what flummoxes me is why so few of the online big names have spent any time thinking about where users click through to when they get a mobile search link. Most of them send them through to their web site on the phone, rather than a wap site or a reconfigured web site. Considering how much marketing cash these companies spend on reaching out to their audience on advertising, search and CRM, to fall down on a fundamental such as the right destination on a click, is criminal. Ok criminal may be too strong but there should be some arse kicking going on internally when management realise that for a tiny amount of their marketing budget they can be reassured that mobile will be working hard for them.
At the time of writing, if you Google “Ford” on your mobile it gives you the ford car internet web site ( and an unpleasant user experience on mobile to boot), and if you click the mobile only search you don’t get any anything official from them at all. I just tried three other high profile advertisers and the same goes for all of them… Thomson holidays, Kit Kat ( I have to download flash to use the site, don’t they know that flash doesn’t work on mobile?!) , British Airways. Shame on them.
I hold my hands up to admit that I don’t understand the dark arts of mobile search optimisation, but there are ways and means of making sure you are up there and one of our mobile mates, Andrew Grill ( , is doing it well. If you can do all the tweaks you need to on your mobile site to SEO it and have an ongoing Google/Yahoo spend then you will stand out brilliantly in the mobile search space. The best thing about this is that the capital investment cost at this stage is relatively small and a really well worth the investment.
And on a final note, I’m quite proud that I managed to get flabbergasted and flummoxed in my blog today.