EpiSurvey announced on Monday that 33% of smartphone users had bought something on their phone. It bodes well for the Mcommerce sector as smartphone penetration increases rapidly and the average spends also go north ( 2010 it was £12.20, in 2011 it has been £17.49 IAB M-CommerceStudies). Based on the feedback from Black Friday spends on mobile, and the indications of how Manic Monday has bee,n I think we’ll see a massive jump over this Christmas period.
As for me, I’ve spent nearly £50 on mobile so far this Christmas, I;d have spent more but not for want of trying. For Christmas my brother wanted a specific present, the Ian brown burnt money t-shirt. The only place you can get it is off a site called “worn by”. There isn’t an Msite or APP so I kind of cheated and bought it online but through my ipad. However I turned off its Wi-Fi so I had a slower experience, but I needed it and was prepared to suffer on the user experience to get it on the only site I knew you could purchase it off. Whilst I was at it I also used the ipad to access the Cath Kidston site ( if you try it on a smart phone you get the message” page not supported yet”) for an iphone case, and the Fred Perry “Fred’s threads” discount site for a polo shirt.  Yeah I felt guilty about not being true to the project but they were” must have” purchases and this was the best I could do.
I’m coming to the realisation that it’s mostly the bigger retailers that have been first movers on Mcommerce ( although many of them are still slow to the market), this isn’t perhaps surprising as they have the bigger investment budgets. However there is also clearly a requirement for them to be present in the mobile retail space because their offering can be very similar, for instance I can buy the same new release DVDs through Amazon, HMV and  John Lewis all on Mobile. It’s the niche and specialist retailers that don’t have the presence in the space as yet, and as I’ve learnt, if you really need it then you’ll persevere on whatever device, I guess the question is for how long though?
Yesterday I shared a speaking platform at the ECMODconference with Will Dymott from Lyle &Scott, Knitwear manufacturers. He revealed some really interesting stats relating to their Mcommerce site. It is delivering an incredible 16% of their total online traffic through mobile and their Msite sales are up 186% yoy whilst the total business is up 17%. For them there is a clear need to be in mobile due to their style conscious, urban and mobile audience. And it was great to see its really working for them.