The other f word

We all desire success for our clients, however, that doesn’t mean we should fear failure, particularly in mobile. Most of us are aware that before they finally found success, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney persevered through many failures. And even when they did find success, they continued to embrace risk. Far too many of us shy away from using the‘f’* word in business. The bravest and best admit and embrace ‘failure’, whilst the rest dress it up as a ‘pivot’.  […]

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Shock Horror, Mobile works if you get your strategy right

I’m interested in sharing some thoughts on how you decide on what you need to be doing to ensure you integrate mobile successfully into your business to meet your growth, retention and revenue goals. […]

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10 point plan to get mobile in 2011

New Year new start and all that. Lots of positive thinking and good intent, both personally and professionally floating about. And to this end there are loads of “new you” 10 point plans being posted and blogged all over the place. So in order not to be left out we’ve done one for mobile. 1. Get yourself an iphone, or an android handset and an ipad or a Sony Galaxy. Alternatively ask your company to get you one. When you have the best mobile technology to experience mobile on then you can really get to see what the potential is in the space for your business. […]

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Apps apps and more apps. what about your Msite?

It’s been apptastic for the last few years in the mobile market place. There is an app for just about everything and most business developing in the mobile space businesses focusing their resources on app strategies. But with all the hype and excitement surrounding applications gabbing the headlines many businesses have taken their eye of perhaps the bigger long-term opportunity and that is the mobile internet. […]

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Apps vs Msites

App vs msite. almost every week I see topics being posted on linkedin making statements along the lines of the mobile internet is now defunct and that apps are the future or questions like should I build an iphone app or a blackberry app? The simple answer to these is that there isn’t an answer. Too often businesses and individuals get caught up in trying to decide on a solution without really understanding the problem first and the mobile space appears to be no exception. […]

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