Case Study: The Economist World in 2015

Yodel Mobile is a full service mobile marketing agency, and we have worked with The Economist since 2010 on all their mobile marketing activity.  The Economist has a circulation of 1.5 million+ readers worldwide and asked Yodel Mobile to work on the launch of The World in 2015 following the success of the launch for [...]

David Bowie ponders the future of mobile

David Bowie takes inspiration wherever he finds it - rockabilly, krautrock, sci-fi, technology, class As, beautiful men and beautiful women. And as I listen to his records and wonder how different my life could have turned out if I’d been a bit more studious on the guitar and a bit more brave with the outfits, [...]

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Time to move beyond the apps versus mobile web debate

Back when apps were a new thing (we’re talking hazy, sepia-tinged memories of 2008, here), there was a considerable clamour among brands, games companies, and binmen alike to get in on the app gold rush. However, many marketers and developers argue that the mobile web beats apps when it comes to mobile strategy. So, do [...]

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The Afternoon Club: The journey to app engagement

Our Afternoon Club event was a great chance to delve into the world of app engagement. With speakers from the likes of Avios, HasOffers – not to mention yours truly – it was a great chance to really learn from the experts on app marketing and app engagement. One key message across all the presentations was [...]

Mobile App Launch Strategies (part 3): Mobile Display Campaigns, Networks and Remarketing

Mobile advertising has evolved. With a range of new display ad units that incorporate a suite of dynamic features, new ad networks that deliver ever growing reach, contextual and location based targeting, and in depth tracking solutions – mobile display has made huge leaps since the early days of basic static banners. […]

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Mobile App Launch Strategies (part 2): Pre-launch Planning

Part two of our mobile app launch and marketing blog post and we look at some pre-launch considerations. Press kits and social media Generating buzz around your app can deliver earned media through good planning of key messages about your app’s USPs. Keep app stores up to date with your app launch and provide them interesting information that will help build the hype when you actually deliver the app. […]

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Don’t fail in mobile for your business…. set down in stone what the role will be!

Mobile success is more likely if you know what you are trying to achieve How do you make sure that your move into mobile is not going to be a flop and that your financial and time investment is well spent? Well there are a ton of things you need to consider but one of the most important, if not THE most important, is looking at what you are setting out to achieve. […]

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The most important elements of your app strategy are not what you expect

There is no single solution, golden bullet or button you can press to ensure your mobile app discovery strategy is going to be a success. It doesn’t matter what the sector is or what your service offering will be,  you need a bespoke, well thought through and tightly managed strategy. […]

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5 things not to forget when you are planning on mobile marketing

Yes it’s a relatively new medium and yes, it’s very easy to get things wrong but mobile marketing and advertising really works.  So if you are caught in that hinterland of knowing you should be using mobile marketing but are a little reticent as to how you should go about it we’ve put together a few rules.   […]

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