future prediction of the iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is a brand new experience not only for its users but for us as advertisers. The main features of the newest Apple product are not only big improvements on its ground breaking product the iPhone 3 because of its new operating system the OS4, the same operating system the iPad uses but for marketing to the smart consumer. […]

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iPhone 4G network price Comparison;

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a comparison site that offers tariff prices for the new iPhone, so we thought we would do some investigation to see for ourselves who offers the best value for money. Today we are looking at purchasing ourselves the new iPhone 4G and hoping to find a deal we have looked at all of the available contracts the network providers are offering. […]

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V useful smartphone comparison site

It is coming up to my favourite time of the year (excluding Christmas, my birthday, Summer, Easter and Halloween), the time when my network operator begins to call me every single day to inform me that my contract will soon expire and notify me of their latest exclusive deals. So before I answer my phone to them, become flustered over the vast selection of handsets on offer and have figures fired down the line at me, I have decided to browse the latest handsets at my own pace. […]

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Tech Radar’s 10 best mobile phones of today

I have just come across a very interesting article on the Tech Radar website, 'The 10 best mobile phones in the world today'. Check the article out here: bit.ly/a819mQ Do you agree with the 10 that made the cut? Who would you have chosen for number one?Let us know!

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Some of my favourite AR apps

With Augmented Reality about to become a key player in the mobile advertising world, I have decided to post about some of my favourite AR apps. See my previous post below for a quick summary of AR. TwittARound As a commuter I spend numerous hours a week sat on busy trains surrounded by all types of people that are glued to their mobile phones. Now thanks to TwittARound I can determine which of my fellow travelers are secret geeks, typing away to the online world. […]

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We have always said that one of key factors required for the mobile phone internet usage to really take off is the penetration of smart phones. Smart phones are pretty much mini computers with phone functionality and are clever enough to be able to run email, applications and have a decent memory capacity. […]

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A wonderful dongle

It’s slowly but surely dawning on me that I’ve developed a great affection for my dongle. Ahem, the dongle that work provides me so that I can access the web and consequently my emails and the work server via Vodafone‘s 3G network. […]

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